Minoodasht City

Minoodasht was isolated from the city of Gonbad-e-Kavos in 1369 and is an independent city. It includes two cities of Minoodasht and Galicash, two central and Galicash, and six villages and 143 villages. With many talents and favorable weather and geographical conditions and an important role in the advent of civilization and the development of human history, Minoudasht has many attractions and places of interest. These attractions are divided into historical, natural and tourist attractions, attractions and places of worship, and attractions of crafts and traditional arts. The remains of civilization and archaeological excavations and excavations from a very ancient, rich history of culture and civilization in this border As of today, about 300 enclosures, hills, caves and historical-cultural buildings have been identified in this city, 112 of which have been registered in the national monuments list.

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