Top features of the AmoQodrat Ecotourism residence

AmoQodrat Ecotourism residence  is one of the most respected and resorts of Golestan province, which has been officially operated since 2016 and has been able to host a relatively short hostel for domestic and foreign tourists. The cost of living and food in the restaurant is very good and it’s safe to say that this cost is not comparable to other tourist and tourist destinations. For example, the cost of staying in the very stylish and clean rooms of the residence for a person is 350000 Rials and for accommodation in the suites is also 550000 Rials with breakfast, as well as the Ecotourism residence and catering complex in a forest, mountainous and bungalow area at high altitudes Golestan Forest Mountains is a very special tourist and tourist area for both domestic and foreign travelers. The residence has 8 different types of recreational tours that guests can attend on each of their tours.

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